Born in 1982 in Ferrara, on the Adriatic Sea, Andrea begins sailing as a kid with the small family boat. The first Atlantic crossing arrives soon: the 2006 ARC. Since that, he has been sailing across different oceans, between speed records and ocean races, aboard prestigious boats as Class40 and VOR70 (skippered by Giovanni Soldini).Now Andrea is focusing all his efforts on my his sailing project: competing in the most important ocean races in the world, starting from Transat Jacques Vabre 2017 and Route du Rhum 2018.

His dream is Vendée Globe: the complete circumnavigation of the globe, single-handed, without stop and assistance.


Andrea Fantini has a dream, turned into a human and sport challenge: the Vendèe Globe, the most extreme sailing race on the planet. Nevertheless, being a pro skipper is not enough for succeeding. His project requires putting together a team, finding economic resources, meeting the right partners.  

In his 2017-2018 schedule there are two main sailing races, both aboard Class40. The first (double-handed) is Transat Jacques Vabre 2017 (Le Havre-Salvador de Bahia). The latter is the prestigious Route du Rhum 2018 (single-handed, Saint-Malo - Guadalupa). In May 2017 something important happens. Andrea meets Alberto Bona, an Italian pro skipper with a huge experience especially in the Mini 6.50 circuit. Starting from different backgrounds, they begin to share goals and resources. Racing together in the Giraglia Rolex Cup, Andrea and Alberto get a good placing and, most important, begin turning into a strong team.


The Class 40 monohulls are high-performance racing boats, conceived principally for single-handed or small crew offshore competition. Can be designed by anyone provided the boat fits within the measurement rule defined. This rule takes the form of a box rule, developed and constantly updated by the Association which, also, has the additional aims of co-ordinating events. Boats are built on a semi-production or custom basis and the class rules to keep the boat affordable, limiting exotic materials (e.g. carbon fiber) and equipment seen in high end offshore boats such as the IMOCA 60.

Andrea’s Class 40 for the Transat Jacques Vabre 2017 and the Route du Rhum 2018 is number 55 “Magalé”, the Tyker40 designed in 2007 by worldwide renown superstar architect Guillaume Verdier and built in Lorient with François Robert for Giovanni Soldini who later became Andrea’s mentor sailing around-the-world on VOR70 Maserati.

The number55 represented, at that time, a whole new concept of Class 40 in terms of design and construction: it sailed fast, proved to be rock solid and extremely handy. With a few technical updates, a proper refit and brand new, state-of-the-art technology in terms of energy production from renewable sources and hi-tech systems to optimize consumption, Magalé is the established evidence of the3R-rule: design and build good products in the first place and then Reuse – Repair – Recycle.


Andrea Fantini


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Born in Ferrara in 1982, he crossed the oceans aboard Class 40 and Vor70 skippered by Giovanni Soldini. When not sailing, Andrea tends to grab a surfboard and try out some of the best waves he can find, depending where he is.

Alberto Bona


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Born in Turin in 1986, he has a great experience in prestigious races, especially with Mini 6.50 boats. When home near Turin, Alberto will spend days in the woods on his enduro motorbike, playing tennis or playing his drumset.



Project Manager

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General coordination, marketing, sponsorships and media professional, with a strong experience in sailing projects.


Onboard reporter

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Documentary filmmaker, he has a long history in adventurous outdoor expeditions in harsh conditions.


PR & Communications

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Journalist focused on environment and sustainability, press officer, digital strategist and content specialist.



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Visual e Product designer, he designs and develops corporate identities, interfaces, products and communication strategies.

Agnese Decarlo


Finance & Accounting

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Business consultant with specific know-how as accountant, two Master Degrees in Management and a strong passion for sailing and the sea.